About She for We

Hello. Welcome to She for We.

I started this blog as a voice that will help break the silence and raise awareness of abuse. Before this one, I have never been in a abusive relationship and by the time it got to a point where it wasn't just words, that is when I knew that I must do something. I could no longer just go to counseling and learn ways to cope living with abuse while hoping for a change...

I had to speak out.

This is where She for We comes into play. I hope that with this blog, I am able to reach those who have faced and are facing abuse. I hope to help those who are in need of support to help process the feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness and other emotions associated with abuse.

I am here to let you know that you are somebody, you are loved and you will get through this as an overcomer.

Much love~ Tea

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